Welcome to Wonderface Level 1 - 75 Minutes $350 
If you're new to Wonderface your therapist can't wait to meet you and talk about YOUR skin! This is designed to help you achieve long lasting results that work. Nothing lasting happens in 55 minutes, a hand shake, and a hope for the best. You will receive an in depth consultation and analysis of your skin, a Wonderface treatment, detailed and personalized treatment plan, and take home items to set you on the path to love the skin you're in. Take home items will be specially selected for your skin and will include a cleanser, moisturizer, and konjac sponge. We can't wait to meet you and help you learn more about your skin so you can fall in love with it.

Wonderface Level 2 - 55 Minutes $125 
Designed specially for maintenance post series of treatments. Wonderface Level 2 will be customized to your skin to maintain the results you have achieved. Powerful active ingredients will be mixed and used to leave your skin healthy, refreshed, and glowing. LED light therapy is a great addition to this and can be added on.

Wonderface Level 3 - 75 Minutes $150 
Wonderface Level 3 will begin to work on skin change on a cellular level. Having more treatment options (including the hydra skin refiner) and time, your therapist will customize your facial leaving your skin, body, mind feeling refreshed. LED light therapy is an amazing addition to this facial and can be added on.

Wonderface Level 4 - 100 minutes $185 
Our therapist's favorite treatment! This treatment allows free rein of equipment (hello LED glow) and ingredients to really create significant lasting changes in the skin. This highly customized facial which includes active enzyme therapy that will allow the skin rejuvenation process to occur. This treatment targets skin function, support, and health. You will see softer, brighter, and healthy glowing skin with immediate results and longterm skin support.

Wonderful Back - 50 minutes $150
Designed to deep clean, brighten, and heal the back and shoulders. Often this area can become congested and needs some TLC. LED light therapy is included to soothe, heal, and restore the skin and body where we hold most of our stress and worries.

Wonderful Glow - 30 minutes $75
Glowing skin results when you have an event or don't have much time. Enzymatic cleanse, custom mask, and a quick nap under the LED light will have you feeling refreshed and ready. This is our version of an LED bar treatement, but elevated for maximum results. 

Skin Treatment Add-Ons

It's science! Light therapy applied directly to the skin, using different colors and wavelengths is proved to stimulate fibroblast activity, increase collagen, and calm down acne causing bacteria.

French word for we're going to take care of your neck, shoulders, and chest area. 

Luxurious lip salve, collagen lip mask, gentle exfoliation to remove that dead lizard lip skin, and fresh mint balm for the road.

Gentle cleanse, serum infusion, collagen eye mask, followed by lymphatic drainage massage to help drain fluid and decrease puffiness. 

Get used and abused. Exfoliation and deep hydration for the win.


Brows - $35-$50
Highly trained and specialized brow artist will work with your unique brow shape and create a wonderful look that’s personalized just to you. Fun add-on services like a lip or eye treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and almost like you got a facial treatment.


Organic Sunless Spray Tan - $45
For those looking to achieve bronzed glowing skin safely! Non-toxic, hydrating, effective spray solutions are used to create the perfect tan every time. Solutions available for all skin tones.


Coming later this year!